So nice HE'S being protected!

Found on Crime Scene Blog.
The California Supreme Court today declared that a 22-year-old man who received oral sex from a 16-year-old girl should not have to register for life as a sex offender.

The state’s top court found that California denied Vincent Hofsheier equal protection under the law because those having intercourse in such circumstances would not be forced to register as lifetime sex offenders.
Now, you may be saying, I know some 16-year olds who don't look it - "

That's true, but there's more:
It is also worth noting the manner in which he found his “date.” He managed to lure her to a beach and got her drunk after meeting her in an Internet chat room.
I truly don't understand the culture that uses kids as sexual objects (and OBJECTS is what they are - not people). Maybe it's the change from a culture where most adults are parents, and act like adults, to one where many are not parents, by choice, and are really not adults. (And, sometimes, are parents, but act like they aren't fully grown up).

I know people my age (54) who still think of themselves as not truly grown up. And, in fact, they aren't. But they should be.

One reason I liked The Patriot was that scene where Mel's son shouts "I'm not a child!", and Mel answers back, "You're MY child!" I feel that his extensive experience as a parent was coming through there. No matter how mature-looking the teen, they are still not fully grown. We can't argue for them to be protected from the full consequences of their actions if we aren't willing to treat them as though they need some protection against predation.

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