Immigration thoughts - Wednesday

I'm thinking we, who oppose illegals trespassing in our country, ought to start trying some protest action, ourselves.
  • Take the trash left by the illegals, dump it on the lawn of those organizations that support "illegal rights".
  • Send collection agencies to board members' houses to collect the money for the education and health care.
  • Distribute flyers with the agencies' employees' addresses, inviting the illegals to stay as long as they like, at the agencies' expense. Have pizzas delivered.
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saltypig said…
are you willing to accept the complete logic of your proposals? if so, i'm guessing there will be a helluva lot of garbage on your lawn too. we can start with the american dead bodies and lost body parts from an unconstitutional (i.e., illegal) war in iraq, then go from there. plenty of illegal, socialist practices to choose from, many of which you probably support; not surprising, since you view yourself as in charge of others, speaking for an ignorant, shameful group with the nerve to call itself "conservative". here was a real conservative. you are not one. read that again: you are not a conservative.

where is liberty? nowhere, so long as you get to stomp on necks, drink your morning coffee, and pretend that you are being magnanimous in your sickening, explicit "parents of the world" approach. heal thyself. i'd like to leave the trash from your precious federal government on your lawn. just let me know when your proposal is swingin; i'll rent a dumptruck (with my money, not somebody else's).

here's a tip: might want to note that socialist plank in your eye before harping on the illegal immigration splinter. "american" shysters and freeloaders are still a bigger problem. worth a look (especially that 10th amendment part).

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