There are those who seldom make a move without first ascertaining what the majority (or at least the IMPORTANT ones) thinks. In grade school and junior high, I noticed that many of my classmates seldom expressed their thoughts without first checking to see what the "correct" thought was, first. Even when voting on insignificant issues (preferred dates for events, or whether to bring in treats for Halloween), those timid souls darted cautious and wary glances around, to make sure they weren't expressing unacceptable opinions.

I rarely fell into that category. Not that I was brave, just stupid. I generally shot my mouth off before finding out that my opinion was in the minority. Chalk that up to living in a family that never feared expressing their thoughts, however ill-informed or wrong-headed. When my reasoning didn't match up to my father's expectations, he had no hesitation in helping me to understand it's inferiority. But, nicely, not as though I were an idiot.

Reading about the Oscars made me think of those days. Hollywood and other media outlets are filled with those cautious souls, who fear to buck the established wisdom. Liberal to a man, woman, or trans-person, they march in lockstep. I suppose that's why I really enjoy the outlaws. The people who really don't give a rat's a$$ what you think about them.

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