This is distressing!

Thanks to a Cotillion post, I found the following:
Gianna Jessen's mother was seven-and-a-half months pregnant when it was decided to abort the foetus she was carrying.

A saline solution was injected into Gianna's mother's womb, which doctors thought would kill the foetus within hours.

This time, most unusually, the procedure failed and Gianna was born alive, thanks in part to a shocked nurse.

She was so taken aback by Gianna's live delivery that she summoned an ambulance to whisk her from the abortion clinic to the hospital.

She weighed only two pounds at birth and needed to stay in hospital for nearly three months.

In an ironic twist of fate the abortionist had to sign her birth certificate.
I've posted a copy of the sturdy survivor below.

She's in London, telling her story, and trying to make inroads in the pro-abortion culture. Lots of luck, kid, since people like Ann Furedi, chief executive of the British Pregnancy Advisory Service, have this to say:
there is very clear guidance to make sure this sort of thing does not happen."

She added that cases like Gianna's were now less likely to happen because of advancing technology and tightened regulations, and that when a woman opted for a late abortion it was usually because the babies had a foetal abnormality.

"If women have a wanted pregnancy and go into labour prematurely they need to know that everything will be done to their babies, but if they need to have an abortion at this late stage then the intention will be that there is not live birth and the procedure should avoid a live birth.
Well, I'm certainly glad she cleared THAT up! And just how should "the procedure" avoid that possibility?

Don't ask. That kind of thinking is what spawned the "Baby Fay" regulations. You remember Baby Fay - the kid the hospital tried to starve after she survived an abortion attempt? Think it can't happen here?

Don't tell that to Terri Shiavo. Or Haleigh Poutre, whose "caretakers" tried to disconnect the breathing tube and remove food as a wasted effort, due to what they called her condition - "virtually brain dead".

Fortunately, a guardian of her interests fought the hospital and the court, and, today, Haleigh is breathing on her own and responding to her surroundings.

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