Talk about a Catch-22!

The school district of Elmwood Park, IL, has a major problem. After asking 2 potential students about their immigration status, the state, under pressure from state board Chairman Jesse Ruiz, took away their state funding, and suspended their sports teams from competing:
"As the son of a Mexican American who was here illegally for eight years, you would have denied me an education,'' an angry Ruiz told Elmwood Park officials during the board's monthly meeting. "You are not supposed to discriminate against any children based on any immigration status.''

Immigration questions shouldn't even be asked during enrollment, he said.
So, if I understand that "reasoning" correctly, because your daddy was a lawbreaker, we need to ignore the laws of our country?

District 401 was attempting to comply with federal regulations about temporary B-52 visas - districts are not supposed to let them attend school. Ironically, one kid, whose B-52 had expired, was permitted to attend - because THAT made her an illegal immigrant.

I think I need to lie down - I'm getting light-headed.

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