Salute to the Model

See the image below?

It's Helena Houdova, a Czech model. Why am I featuring her on this post?

Because, when touring Castro's Island Paradise , she took photos of Havana's slums. That's a no-no in those Communist Paradises. So, she was arrested, and her film confiscated.

However, the quick-thinking young woman saved the digital memory card - in her brassiere.

Story originally found on JunkYard Blog

Sometimes, when the media keeps featuring the stupid and narcissistic, not to mention the outright criminal thugs they hold up as "role models", I think it's important to point out young people who have higher values, and who act on them.
The photos Houdova saved will be included in an exhibition she plans to organize together with People in Need, a Czech humanitarian relief organization that has supported Cuba's pro-democracy opposition. The exhibition would portray Cuba’s beautiful scenery but also highlight its political oppression, Houdova disclosed.

During her 10-day stay in Cuba, Houdova said, her meetings with dissidents, the wives of political prisoners and ordinary Cubans reminded her of her childhood in Communist Czechoslovakia.

Story courtesy of NewsMax
Here's to you, Helena!

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Akaky said…
I strongly suspect that the young lady is still old enough to remember the Czech Republic's former rulers, who were soul mates of the present leader of Cuba. I always find it amazing that well-educated, otherwise intelligent people can still fall for the lies and propaganda of Fidel and his totalitarian confreres, and the people who have the least use for Castro and his ilk are the people who've actually had to live under their rule. You'd think some of our Fidel worshippers would wake up and smell the coffee, wouldnt you, but then, they'd have to admit they were wrong in the first place, and that aint ever gonna happen.

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