Responding to the cartoon controversy

As I see it, the best way to respond to the over-the-top excesses of the Muslim rioters protestors is not to give them fuel for their unwarranted rage (i.e., publishing the cartoons), but to expose the world to the hypocrisy of the Islamic world, including:
the grotesque caricatures of Christians and, most especially, Jews that are broadcast throughout the Middle East on a daily basis? The sermons on Palestinian TV that refer to Jews as the sons of pigs and monkeys? The Syrian prime-time TV series that shows rabbis slaughtering a gentile boy to ritually consume his blood? The 41-part (!) series on Egyptian TV based on that anti-Semitic czarist forgery (and inspiration of the Nazis), "The Protocols of the Elders of Zion," showing the Jews to be engaged in a century-old conspiracy to control the world?
Show them for the mealy-mouthed hypocrites they are. I know that most Westerners have no knowledge of the depth of the bigotry that exists in the Islamic culture. We need to have our networks showing BOTH the protest, and the LACK of protest that the Muslims exhibit against other religions' sensibilities.

The image below is "from Hezbollah's TV station Al-Manar in Beirut, Lebanon, showing a scene from the ''Al-Shatat'' or Diaspora, on Wednesday Oct. 29, 2003. In this scene, a council of the "Jewish World Government" plots to take control of the world. " (from the Anti-Defamation League site.

The show is made in Syria, and very popular throughout the Arabic world. The description the ADL has is graphic:
Each episode of Ash Shatat opens with the following text scrolled on the screen:

"Two thousand years ago the Jewish Rabbis established an international government aiming at maintaining the world under its control and suppressing it under the Talmudic commands, and totally isolating them from all of the people.

Then the Jews started to incite wars and conflicts, while those countries disclaimed them. They falsely pretended to be persecuted, awaiting their savior, the Messiah, who will terminate the revenge against the Goyim that their God, Jehovah, started.

In the beginning of the 19th century, the international government decided to increase the conspiracies and the Jewish international secret government was established, headed by Amschel Rothschild."
This kind of "entertainment" is clearly designed to increase suspicion and distrust of Jews. It truly is deliberately inflammatory, and those who produce it, promote it, and watch it, should be ashamed of themselves. They have forfeited any right to protest a supposed slur on their religion.

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