Preparing for leave

For those who are not teachers, a dirty little secret exists about taking a day or two off from the job.

We work very hard NOT to take them, because it's really more work to NOT go to work than to show up, however impaired with germs. If a teacher takes a day off, we have to prepare the lesson plans (in fact, OVER-plan, since we never know just who will be taking over our job that day. We also have to write very detailed instructions, print out class lists (a bigger job when the kids change classes), put away all stuff you don't want to walk away (hey, what can I say, some kids are a little light-fingered), and take away the keyboard (teachers who don't do that last are likely to come back to find the keyboard - shall we say, different) and mouse (I've had mouses mice given an orchidectomy).

But, I had an opportunity to attend a Forensic Science workshop in Cleveland, and, (some of you have already figured this out) also visit my dear family in the same place over a long weekend. Tax-deductible, no less.

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