I'm back, did you miss me?

I was out of town Tuesday, wasn't able to get Internet (can you believe lodgings that don't include wireless?), so, I've been a little out of the loop. Network news told me very little; I had to check out the web last night to get caught up.

It's pretty clear that the recent "spontaneous Muslim reactions" to the cartoon "provacation" were carefully planned and organized. One of the best explanations for their occurrence is from Civitas, who explains:
the likely decision today in Vienna by the International Atomic Energy Agency to report Iran to the UN Security Council for continuing with its programme of nuclear research. If that decision should occur, when the UN Security Council gets round to considering what form of sanctions to impose on Iran, guess to whom chairmanship of the Council will have passed.

You’ve got it... plucky little Denmark.Suddenly, the pieces fall into shape. The rumpus suddenly escalated, complete with fabricated offensive cartoons, to so enflame Muslim opinion that Denmark could be intimidated directly through a threatened Muslim boycott of its goods, or indirectly by the EU fearful of a wider boycott, into voting in favour of Iran.

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