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I've always known that many Britons absolutely hate and detest Catholics with a fervor, but the inclusion of one of the original men of conscience in this list of most Worst Britons seems, to me, to take their prejudices to a new low:
The "greedy" Thomas Becket, Archbishop of Canterbury, was nominated by Professor John Hudson, of St Andrews University, as the 12th century's worst villain.

"He divided England in a way that even many churchmen who shared some of his views thought unnecessary and self-indulgent," he said.

"He was a founder of gesture politics.

"Those who share my prejudice against Becket may consider his assassination in Canterbury Cathedral on 29 December, 1170, a fittingly grisly end."

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The English have always had a big problem with the extra-territorial authority wielded by the Pope. Truth be told, the Vatican has occasionally given them some cause. I have in mind Innocent III's interdict, and Catholic participation in the attempts to overthrow the Tudors. Then there was the Gunpowder Plot. Bad idea, guys.

Well, we learn slowly, but we learn. Today, Anglicanism survives on tax revenues, while the Catholic Church is over a billion members and swelling fast. Go with what works, I say.
Our Word said…
Hmm, speaking of dividing people - you think perhaps Henry VIII might have been considered? (Of course, he literally divided people...)

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