Please, PLEASE! Don't tell the Secular Cops!!!

I mean, they might just Explode!

Here's the thing - I just found out that the know, the reason for the season? It's actually based on an ancient religious tradition. I hear that the name CHRISTMAS may even - possibly - have a connection with something to do with religion (OK, I know that's ony a rumor, but I felt I needed to pass it on).

Worse, the replacement for that C*******s word may have a - I become faint at the possibility - religious base.

It's true! The secular word replacement HOLIDAY is may be POSSIBLY, MIGHT be derived from the words HOLY DAY.

Oh, the inhumanity!

This post was inspired by A Face Made 4 Radio, A Voice Made 4 the Internet, who posted on an incident in Manhasset.

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