It was a VERY good Christmas!

Some things worked out just like I planned them - but, fortunately, the aspects I didn't plan were a GOOD surprise!

I received a HUGE surprise from my husband. An offhand comment I made in the fall about wanting my great-grandmother's diamond ring (my brother was planning to sell it and split the cash with the others) was heard, and acted upon. It fits perfectly, and is a delightful antique setting, three stone ring.

I also got the MP3 player I've been coveting. No, not the IPod - I think it's a hugely overhyped gizmo, that virtually SHRIEKS "I don't understand how to use technology without those cute little icons and buttons for idiots".

Also, all the junk food I could eat - the diet starts when I return to SC.

My grandchildren were wonderful and beautiful, as usual. My granddaughter was given several dress-up outfits - TinkerBelle, Snow White, and Dorothy ruby red slippers (she already had the dress). Oh, and a Cleveland Browns cheerleader outfit. Yeah, I know they don't have cheerleaders, but, who cares?

The reason the Browns don't have cheerleaders is because only drunk, fat old farts are stupid enough to bare skin in Cleveland winters.

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