Isn't that the same trouble many others had with you?

The End of the Rainbow has a provacative post:
We have schools here that used to be 80% to 90% black and now, after a period of 10 years, are 80% to 90% Latino. As this trend spreads, blacks either can move to other neighborhoods or watch their children stuck in schools listening to Spanish all day. Yet nobody speaks up for our children the way pro-immigrant organizations do for immigrant children. As a result, our children are getting the equivalent of half a day of school. Why should our children be deprived?

My two-bedroom house near the Coliseum is worth about $100,000. A comparable house two doors away sold for $135,000 and the buyers put five immigrant families in it. A black family can’t pay that and can’t live like that. In the American culture, we have one family to a house. Each of my immigrant neighbors has seven or eight children, while we Americans have two or three. Before long, all these children are going to need a place of their own. Does a black homeowner have to put four families in the house and a fifth in the garage in order to survive? A for-sale sign in our neighborhood causes panic. We know who will get that house. There will be 20 to 30 people living in it, they will keep goats, they will grow corn in the front yard, they will hang their wash on the front fence. It’s a culture clash.
That's exactly what I've been saying for some time. It isn't that the RACES are hostile to each other (mostly), it's that their CULTURES are dissimilar enough that living in proximity causes friction.

It's reversion to the culture of a tribal/familial ties society. In those societies, your first allegiance is to the tribal or family group. It's sad to see that America is devolving into the former Yugoslavia.

In Cleveland schools, the rumor is that white students will get "jumped" by Black students on May Day. So strongly is the rumor believed (with some justification) that absentee rates sky-rocket on May 1st. Los Angeles is experiencing the same:
On April 29, it was Jordan High’s turn when about 100 black and brown students fought. Rumors then had it that any black going to school on May 5—Cinco de Mayo—would be beaten to a pulp. The Los Angeles Unified School District reported that 51,000 students were absent from its middle and high schools that day, an absentee rate of 20 percent.
Welcome to America, Black people. Your day as the dominant underdog may be over. No longer will you be able to claim ultimate victim status. You're being shoved aside by the growing Latino population. And you can't manipulate them with talk about historic racism. They don't care.

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