Update on my absence

I've been running around madly for the last three days. I'm at a convention for science in Myrtle Beach. It's been great, but hectic. Although I have wireless, I've frankly been just too tired to even think about creating a post. But, I got to bed at a reasonable time, woke early and packed. So, I have no responsibilities for another hour, and can just catch up on stuff.

If you have a desire to see what I've been doing, there are some pictures at Technology in Teaching. The only thing I wanted to do that I didn't is to spend some time on the beach. It does seem a shame to be this close, and yet not visit.

This weekend, I'm planning on catching up on planning my lessons for the rest of the grading period. I'll need to assemble equipment and materials, download the video and graphics, and prepare lab instructions. In between, I plan to catch up on sleep.

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