If his life could have meaning, his death will have even more

I'm really finding it hard to understand the fools misguided useful idiots wonderful, humanitarian secular saints that want Tookie to live - so he can serve as a living example of the power of redemption.

Let me understand this - he was convicted by a jury of American citizens, who apparently felt the evidence was overwhelmingly against him. While in prison, he writes childrens' stories, warning kids against the "hood" lifestyle. For this, the "usual suspects" (see below) want him to be kept from dying according to the sentence given him as a result of his own actions. And, why would that be?

So he can continue to write self-serving *&^%$# like this:
So today I apologize to you all -- the children of America and South Africa -- who must cope every day with dangerous street gangs. I no longer participate in the so-called gangster lifestyle, and I deeply regret that I ever did.

As a contribution to the struggle to end child-on-child brutality and black-on-black brutality, I have written the Tookie Speaks Out Against Gang Violence children's book series. My goal is to reach as many young minds as possible to warn you about the perils of a gang lifestyle.
Well, as the Church Lady said, "Isn't that special!"

Notice that the apology is to "the children who must cope every day with dangerous street gangs". No mention of an "oops, my bad" to the families of his very personal, very direct victims:

Albert Lewis Owens - the 7-11 clerk who was shot in the back while kneeling. His store was being robbed by Tookie when he was murdered. The take in that robbery? $63.

Yen-I Yang, a 65-year-old motel owner, his wife, Tsai-Shai Chen Yang, 62, and their daughter, Yu-Chin Yang Lin, 42. They were Taiwanese who owned the Brookhaven Motel on Vermont Avenue.

Hey, Tookie, 'ya want kids to shun the "gangsta life"? There's no deterrent like knowing that you kill, you die. Remember all those old gangster movies, with Raft, Bogart, and Cagney? They died like men - not whimpering "please, spare my life - for the CHILDREN!"

As promised, some of the Tookie "activists".

Bianca Jagger

Jamie Foxx

Mike Farrell

Country Joe McDonald

Snoop Dogg

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