I Passed, I Passed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

When I moved to SC, I was able to get a temporary license to teach science. But, it was dependent on my passing a test - the PRAXIS II. In SC, they don't have a General Science certification, they just have a Chemistry/Physics or Biology/Physics certification. Knowing that I don't know squat about most Bio topics, I chose to bone up on Chemistry (about 20+ years since I had a class), and, with a month's preparation (minus a few weekends when I goofed off), I went into the test.

It started off fine, honest it did. I sailed right through the first page or so, and was beginning to feel a little cocky. Then, I selected answer E.

And discovered that the answer sheet was only A through D. I wrote about this when it happened, around September 19th. I won't re-hash it, except to say that passing, given the situation, seems, to me, a pure miracle.

Mind you, I didn't pass with a lot of points to spare. But I passed.

Thank you, Jesus.
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