Health Issues

No, not my health issues, but family members. My husband may have a blood clot in his leg, another family member just left surgery. I feel torn by the conflicting demands, but I'm committed to staying here in SC. At least, I'll be able to spend some time with my family on Thanksgiving week. I fly home Tuesday, and stay until Sunday.

I can't say that I'm impressed with the news about the latest polls showing Bush slumping:
The country appears to be split on whether Bush is a strong president and whether or not Americans personally like him.

When asked about his abilities, 49 percent of those surveyed said he was a strong president and 49 percent said he was a weak leader.

About 50 percent of people polled said they disliked Bush, with 6 percent claiming to hate the president.

Bush's overall approval mark matched the 37 percent rating of newly elected President Clinton in June 1993.
Now, let me get this straight - Bush is currently, after considerable efforts by Democrats to drag him down, level with the VERY POPULAR AND CHARISMATIC Clinton? And that's considered to be "in trouble"? Has the MSM completely lost its mind?

That all is assuming that these polls, unlike similar recent polls, aren't rigged. I'd like to see the numbers behind those polls.

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