I'm going into work late today - not really late, we've shifted time for reporting from 7:30 or so to 11:00. The down side is that we can't leave until 7:00.

It's due to Parent Conferences and Report Card Pick-up. It makes for an interesting day. Part of the day, we just have some time to get stuff done - organizing, planning, meeting with other teachers. Today, I will be showing other science teachers how the Quizdom setup works. It's an interactive class system that lets kids "buzz" in with a remote. In theory, which (surprisingly) matches the practice, you can make sure kids understand one concept before moving on to another. I tested it out on my classes, and it was amazingly effective.

I'm just trying to decide whether it's worth the time to put on a pot of coffee. Probably not. Although, my coffee is MUCH better than the stuff available at school. For one thing, it's freshly ground. For another, it's a better grade of coffee. I also keep it in the freezer, so it keeps its quality.

I feel OUTSTANDING - the medication that I've been using since late July is the best ever. My peak flows are high, I've had only 2 (small) asthma episodes since I started using it, and I have more energy than I've had in a long time. Dare I hope to believe that this will last?

The only down side is that I looked at the approved list of meds on my new plan, and it doesn't seem to be covered. Usually, there's some ability to get companies to make exceptions, if the medical need is established. However, until my husband leaves his current employer, I'm going to pull a Scarlett O'Hara - I'll think about it tomorrow.

I've just about caught up on my favorite blogs. One of my favorites, The Sheila Variations, has a long post about how she started, why she blogs as she does, and such. It's good, and it made me think about why I do this.

My first motivation was that I really do like to write. In the past, that meant keeping journals, writing letters, and writing books. I always had trouble keeping journals - I'd start, but I'd run out of things to write about. It seemed as though my days were much alike, which, of course, most of us find that they do run to a pattern. I've since varied what I write about. Sometimes, it's just a short update on events. Often, I blow off a little steam at people I'm temporarily annoyed with. I also make sketches, reflect on past events, and just generally let the thoughts flow. I think of my journal as an offline blog.

Writing letters was always hard. Other than my grandparents, few people bothered to answer. It seemed like dropping bottled messages into the sea - something of a waste of time.

I started writing several books. I made good progress, but my life outside of writing always seemed to intrude. It was hard to me to insist on that carved-out space when other tasks were more urgent. So, several times, I put away my work, intending to return when life was not so hectic. It never got less hectic. So, the books died out. No burial. No ceremony. Just stuck in a drawer.

Blogging fit into my life. I could write in spurts. I could write for short times, save the draft, and return. I could write any time of the day or night.

It also gave me feedback. No longer did I send out messages that were unanswered. People listened; they responded. Their comments said "You are not alone". I never realized that I hungered for that validation until I received it. It was like water to a thirsty plant. I bloomed.

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