IMAO puts the Harriet Miers competency issue to rest:
So what is the job of a Supreme Court Justice? It's to interpret the Constitution. And what is the Constitution?


Think about it: the job of a Supreme Court Justice - his only job for his entire life - is to understand four pages of text. Why do you even need a legal degree for this? I'm not even sure you need a high school diploma.
He has a point, folks. I've actually read the document myself (My major in college was History - OK, I finally saw the light, and used my Science minor to get and stay employed). An intelligent high school sophomore could easily understand the provisions. In fact, in old-fashioned schools, they do. Those are the ones that still teach Civics instead of those squishy, touchy-feely Social Studies classes. What a waste of time THOSE are!

So, why don't schools still teach kids about the basic documents that underly our political system? Because it's too @#$%^&* hard for today's teachers - they actually have to read, and understand the core documents. Some do, and can. But too many can't. Or, find it easier to ask kids how they "feel" about issues, instead of giving them inconvenient facts that might undercut some of their precious liberal ideology.

I'm getting off-track now - not that it's not fun.

Miers is a competent lawyer. No one has suggested otherwise. But the major objection to her nomination is that she hasn't published. Which means that she hasn't felt the need to blather about her views on the law. Instead of which, she has worked to make money for her firm, which I assume they would prefer. (I've been told that law firms actually have no objections to collecting cash for their work)

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