I just checked the Fox News site, and read that Roberts will be voted on Thursday. Barring a serious change in the circumstances currently surrounding him, he will be confirmed tomorrow.

I really can't work up a froth about it right now. I'm more involved in the weather situation. I think it's deeply meaningful and highly ironic that I moved into SC just as one of the bigger hurricane seasons in years hit the Southern Coast.

I just this evening heard from the owner of the house I've been staying at - Jacksonville, FL is swamped in water. I expressed surprise, and he said, "You need to learn to keep an eye on the news. Things change fast."

Indeed they do. When I checked Fox, I learned that another Cat 5 hurricane is headed for the Gulf. The people that evacuated better plan on staying out for a while longer. The good news is that local and regional authorities have learned from the New Orleans debacle, and are preparing for the weather in advance.

I don't think you'll have much trouble convincing people to leave this time.


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