My kids like Buffy, the Vampire Slayer. Due to the fact that I don't care to watch TV in the late afternoon, they have control of the remote. I usually set up my computer, and blog and blurk to my heart's content, enjoying their presence in the room, while barely noting the noise. Occasionally, I raise my eyes to see a wooden stake plunged into some demonic being, followed by the explosive extinction of the horrifying un-dead.

Perhaps that's the reason that I started looking for long pieces of wood this afternoon. One of the un-dead is starting to make his presence known after a long slumber in the crypt.
Gore’s new cable channel has kept him on the move. The channel will be geared towards young people and will debut in August.

But Gore’s name is already out there for the presidential election in 2008. Enough time has elapsed since the Florida presidential election fight of 2000 for Democrats to put it behind them.
Need I mention that Gore has been greeted by Democrats with less-than-respectful greetings for some time? They generally panic when they see him coming, and raise their fingers in an improvised cross (for such determined secularists, it can be a challenge to remember how the symbol looks - rumors abound that they've used a crescent, a circle that symbolizes Gaia, and, once, a pentagram).

But, such avoidance doesn't deter the Nashville City Paper from touting the "home-town boy" (for you urban types, that's whitefolk talk for "homie").
At the same time, Gore’s tremendous popularity is still intact and he would not be the divisive candidate that Sen. Hilary Clinton would be.

In the 2000 race, Gore didn’t carry his home state of Tennessee, a critical factor in his presidential loss. He wouldn’t make the same mistake twice.
Mistake? Mistake?

Honeychile, when a US Senator can't even carry his own state, that's what we call more than a mistake.

That's a guaran-double-teed LOSER.


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