I watched CNN while I was at lunch. (It's the only channel on at work). Many of the commentators were quite critical of Rove, but not as critical as Kerry was in what he called An Open Letter to President Bush:
Decency—and the interests of the American people--demand an end to Karl Rove’s days in the White House. You have the choice to either make good on your promise to hold accountable those who shared the identity of a secret soldier in the war on terror – or prove that promise hollow. I call on you to keep your promise to the American people and fire Karl Rove.
Isn't that precious? JFK, you do understand that Rove is a POLITICAL advisor, don't you? That's one of the few positions that might reasonably be considered to be off limits to political pressures from the opposition, I think.

I watched Kerry on CNN give his usual ponderous pronouncements, with Hillary at his side, vigorously nodding. She was asked if she was nodding, and she said, "I'm nodding". However, if she said anything else, it wasn't in that report. I suspect that she chose the non-verbal agreement, as she could later say, if the whole thing turned out to be as overblown as I think it is, "I said nothing."

Rather like Sgt. Schultz - "I know NOTHING - NOTHING."


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