Sunday, July 10, 2005


I got so wrapped up in the London bombings, that I forgot to post on a topic I got REALLY involved in - the Dancing With the Stars competition. Reading Ales Rares post on the subject reminded me. If you didn't watch it, be sure to catch it in re-runs.

It was great fun, and that rare show the whole family could watch without embarassment.

The couple to watch was John Hurley and his partner, Charlotte Jorgensen (pictured above in competition).

Charlotte worked with both Richard Gere and Jennifer Lopez on the film "Shall We Dance?"

I have no personal animus against the official winners - pictured below. Frankly, Eric was right when he wrote:
I admire how Kelly's improved over the weeks, but she's still not a very good dancer. She wore bare-essentials (pun intended) outfits and showed off her body rather than good dancing.
The outfits were the most spectacular part of Kelly's performance, but they still didn't compensate for less-than-stellar dancing. In all fairness, she did have a more exacting role than John, as he didn't dance in 3-inch heels.

But, judging from the reaction to the judge's voting, as well as the posts I've read on the Web, John & Charlotte need to make that call to the police.

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