After reading about the Ebonics story, I checked out a trackback on the AFM4R,AVM4tI, my new abbreviation for the site (which is really great, just too long to type today). I found Independent Sources, who also had the non-PC list:
the BEST 23 Ebonics titles in the blogosphere.

* Too Many Children Who Can’t Read? Let’s Make it Worse!
* Reason to Homeschool #56465115
* We be teachin’ Ebonics
* Maybe the Name of this Stupid Program Sounds Better in Ebonics
* Idiot with a PhD
* Sheeit!
* Ebonics Be Back In Bidness
* Poor Speech Skills are now a Civil Right
* Say What?
* Notorious B.I.G.
* Yo, Yo, Yo, Only in California
* Much Learning Hath Made Them Mad
* I be Getting All Learneded
* Ebonics in the Hizzle for the Rizzle
* This Ain’t No Jive: Ebonics Be Back
* Ebonics Be Back
* Calling Bill Cosby
* Ebonics is Back, Bitches!
* Stupid is as Stupid Does
* San Bernardino Calif. – We like our kids dumb!
* Sankofi – The Loony Ebonic Treat
* Hooked on Ebonics
* Ebonics Be The Way

It's a serious subject - the essence of it is, how to best teach a very large group of students who are not succeeding academically. Some, and I am NOT one of them, would insist that these students are not able to learn. I disagree - the overwhelming majority are perfectly normal in their ability. I agree that one of the things holding students back is their use of non-standard English. I just don't agree that Ebonics is the answer (see previous post).


marybeth said…
A friend of mine, who chaired the English department of a school where I formerly taught, substituted the term "moronics" for "ebonics" when people would try to justify bad grammer, poor spelling, and ignorance as mere cultural difference. It is easy to excuse children, teenagers, and under-educated adults. When an educated professional wants to "ax" me something, I feel embarrased for them.

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