On Steal the Bandwagon, I found a cool new tool for bloggers. It seems that when you install the LastHalo button on the sidebar, you can display the last commenters, and the first few words of their posts. Not life-altering, but cute and fun.

I'm going to install my own button. Have fun looking for your name when you comment.

I've been playing around with the template lately. One of the things I want to do is get a graphic & title that I can use for the top of my blog. I'm obviously not very artistic, so it may take some time to create. I've been trying to make it using digital tools, but, today I realized that I might do better using real-life resources, and scanning them in high-resolution.

I'm going to be playing around this weekend, including taking some pictures of the local sights, and doing some experimenting with colored pencils, markers, and the like. As a kid, like most of us, I liked to draw. But, as we get older (not necessarily more mature), we decide that our efforts aren't worth anything.

I'm not saying that we're all excellent artists, but, why can't we, when grown, enjoy the experience of creating something, without letting our inner critic spoil our fun? As bloggers, we accept the learning process that writing entails, and don't expect every post to rival Shakespeare.

I've been enjoying Trevor's Blog. He posts not just his thoughts, but also his hand-drawn pictures. They're really simple line drawings, sometimes relatively realistic, sometimes cartoony, but really cool. He's been inspiring me to return to something I loved doing as a kid - drawing. I stopped when I hit upper elementary school. There were a few kids that were very good, and, when I compared my efforts, I gave it up. I decided that I had no talent, and it was a waste of time.

Which it may very well be, in one sense. But, the fact is, I LIKED drawing. It was relaxing. It allowed me to freely express myself, and tended to free up my thinking.

So, I'm going to take a leap, and MAKE something.

Check back in a week or two. And, again later, because I have a feeling that I'm going to be making some further changes over the next year.

I'm going to let myself look even more foolish in public than I usually do. And, in the process, have some fun.


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