UPDATE - I realized, after I posted, that I failed to include the upside-down question mark at the beginning of the Title.

I found this on A Face Made 4 Radio, A Voice Made 4 the Internet
The Ohio House of Representatives is reviewing draft legislation that would require almost all state and local agencies to conduct their business and publish records in English only. No more driver's license exams in Spanish, for example.

Of course, Jose Feliciano, a local Hispanic leader, is against it. He feels
personally targeted - targeted as a Hispanic," he said.

The Puerto Rican-born Feliciano, a partner at the Baker & Hostetler law firm, said most Latinos feel compelled to learn English so they can find work and help their families. They will resent the government pushing them to do so, he said.

Resent away, I say.

Picture this:
I move to Mexico. Once there, I insist in speaking in English to everybody, and on having all written materials I encounter translated (at their expense). Even though I live in the country for years, I not only don't speak Spanish, I also raise children who don't speak Spanish. When those children go to school, they are put in special classes for non-Spanish speakers. Not at my expense, of course.

All school work must be translated for my children. They don't perform well on the final tests to graduate, due to their limited Spanish skills. I immediately call a press conference to announce that my children's failure is the fault of everybody else - the schools, the government, the test, and society in general.

I have difficulty getting a job, due to my limited language ability. Naturally, it's the fault of anti-gringo haters.

What am I saying! Of course, no country would let that happen!


Anonymous said…
well, if it is just you then of course people are not try and translate everything but it happens to be 12 million people, of course they will do it. The government does pay for these programs but those 12 million people are generating money for this country as well. They have the jobs that "gringos" wont take because they think they are too good.

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