I've not been posting as regularly for the last several weeks. There are 2 main reasons:
  • I've been working a temp job. Not terribly exciting, therefore I come home absolutely whipped. More so than if I was doing something interesting. I should be working it for another couple of weeks at most. I've interviewed for another job, and I have a lead on a 2-week physics workshop I might be co-leading.

    So, although I will still be busy, I have hopes that I'll be getting back to a more normal posting schedule soon.

  • I've not been very well. My asthma has gotten worse in the last week, and I've had several major attacks. I started prednisone again (boy, do I hate it - water retention, bad insomnia, etc. But, it works), so I should start improving in a few days.

My take on the main topics right now:
  • The Michael Jackson verdict - hard as it is to take, the jury probably got it right. One of the factors a jury has to evaluate is the credibility of the witnesses against a defendant. And, they were not that credible.

    Did abuse happen? Very likely. Will Jackson be emboldened by the verdict? Unfortunately, probably.

    But am I willing to go to the mattresses over it? NO!

  • Senator Dick Durbin (yeah, he's a real Dick!) - let me understand this.

    He's a Democratic Senator, from Illinois, who:
    teamed up with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (ATF) and local law enforcement agencies to launch an initiative to help Illinois become the first state to voluntarily trace every crime gun recovered from a crime scene.

    Right, like no crime would ever happen if the big, bad gun pushers hadn't FORCED the crim- I mean, law-abiding, hard-working accused-but-innocent ALLEGED perp to use a gun to get what a truly compassionate and rational society would have voluntarily given to him, right after they took it from that nasty, evil, WHITE CHRISTIAN rich person.

  • The Schiavo autopsy results - the best anyone can say is that they were inconclusive on the cause for the initial physical collapse. However, heart problems and eating disorders were ruled out.

    I'm iffy on the investigation Jeb Bush ordered. I tend to buy Mr. Schiavo's explanation about the confused times. But, then, I'm not a person who is precise about times.

    On the location of the grave - look, man, throw the parents a bone, and let them know where you have planted the body. It looks petty and spiteful to withhold the information.

    The big push for me, personally, and for everybody I can influence is the Living Will issue.

    DON'T sign the Living Will. Instead, go to The Will to Live site, and download the form. I'm currently in the process of both getting it filled out, and updating my will.

    Do both.


  • The Hijacking of the WTC Memorial - I'm a'gin it.

    If the concept of de-emphasizing the 9/11 victims, in favor of wallerin' in "Hate that Evil America" seems twisted to you, go to Take Back the Memorial to find out what you can do about it.

  • The Guantanamo "Human Rights Abuses"? - look, pal, they's killers and bad guys. They's got no right to complain. (I have no idea why I'm channeling my West Virginia ancestors - the modern ones don't even talk that way).

    Room too hot? Room too cold? People screaming at you? Threatening to smack you one? Not able to go to the bathroom?

    Big deal.

    I worked a job like that - in a public, urban school system, which shall be nameless. Only the tough can be teachers today. If this is the best evidence of human rights abuses the liberals can come up with, they need to get a life.

    Or, maybe, try going to a part of the world that TRULY has abuses, and start hollering about it.

    That should work - until they decide to find out how you like the same treatment. You'll get a real education about the abuse, first hand.

    If you live.

  • The African genocides - pick a country, any country (Sudan, Zimbabwe, whatever), and make it your cause. Write to influential people, post about it, make yourself a pest with friends and family.

    It's the only hope these people have. It's a sure bet that the UN won't do anything useful.

    Try printing out a map of the region, and put it up where you will be reminded every day (bathroom mirror? kitchen sink?). Use that reminder to take some action every day. They may still die, but at least you will have made good efforts to stop it.

    Let me be clear about it. You can't possibly save them all, but do whatever you can to save some. Then, write me, and I'll post about what you've done. Maybe, someone else will do the same, or something else, and, together, we can make a difference in their lives.

    We can but do our best.


Our Word said…

Good luck on the job and health fronts. As a fellow asthmatic (Prednisone was a lifesaver until I started going on allergy shots, prescription Allegra, Advair, etc.) and also a fellow temp-worker (talk about stress, especially when you're the primary breadwinner) I know exactly what you're going through. Hang in there, you're doing a great job!


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