I found the above link from Betsy's Page. I've read her blog for some time, but, for no good reason, never added her to the Blogroll, until now.

I just checked the Greatest American nominees, and it's a truly terrible list.

How can you not have Jaime Escalante, who showed American teachers that, even in the most poverty-ridden minority school, you could demand, and get, excellent work from the students?

How could you create a list that doesn't include the Four Chaplains of WWII, who demonstrated a committment to the greater good, and sacrificed their own lives, that other men might live?

For crying out loud, HUGH HEFNER made the list!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

There is a VERY great distance between notorious and great. Just because someone is well-known, does not make him/her great.


I believe the proverbial nail was hit on the head with that observation re "well known" vs "greatest"

Plus, anything of that sort is striclty subjective. To be honest, I haven't paid much attention to it. Were there any qualifications or parameters to nominate someone? Or just one, that being they were an American?
Army Wife said…
I think most people don't want to read about "the greatest Americans"....not nearly as exciting as all of the celebrity crap on television. If Americans were interested in greatness there would be no Paris Hilton, no plastic surgery shows, no I wanna marry a midget. Creepy, simply creepy.

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