Click on the above link to see a CNN Money list of TV Dad's incomes (adjusted for constant dollars). Does anyone else see some glaring mistakes?

The first 20, I don't have a real problem with. I mean, I don't know anyone in those occupations, so I can't say whether the salaries are reasonable from first-hand experience. I will say that the person preparing the table doesn't seem to understand the difference between gross and net (which is scary, given that CNN Money is supposed to be money-savvy). Dr. Huxtable, the OB, is unlikely to take home anywhere near that $ 238 thousand - he would have large malpractice premiums, equipment and employee costs, etc.

No. 26 is the one that fairly jumps off the page. Andy Taylor, sherrif in a small town - $ 84,019?

Not bloody likely.

In Ohio, the top pay for a deputy sheriff in the largest county, with many employees, is $55,889.60. Mayberry was an itty-bitty town in a rural region, with one deputy sheriff of little ability. Is it likely that the pay was so generous?

The discrepancy doesn't give one confidence in CNN Money's analysis. Hope you're not depending on them to steer you right for retirement.


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