As did many bloggers, I took down my 180 clock (the timer created by PoliPundit to mark the number of days since Kerry promised to sign his 180 form. After all, he did sign the form, and the

rather unflattering photo and school records would seem to prove that, right?

Well, not exactly.

According to Power Line,
The SF 180 directs the National Personnel Records Center to release records, at the request of the documented veteran, and send them to whomever he designates (usually himself) - period. What is the Navy doing in the middle of this? The Navy must have been the designated recipient, on this specific SF 180 (not the Boston Globe, as Kranish explicitly admits). As a Federal entity, the Navy is then subject to Privacy Laws and any release by them had to be additionally waived by Kerry - or not. He could then easily not waive specific documents for release that he found damaging. What the Boston Globe got was the remainder of whatever the Navy received from NPRC, less what Kerry wished to withhold.

There you have it - we got what we asked for - sort of. But, we're still in the same situation as before - we, the public, don't have full access to the information contained in the records. I have no boubt that Kerry will stall for another good length of time, then release some relatively unflattering smidgen of info from the files, saying, "That's all!"

It will be up to the bloggers to continue hammering on the case. Without our constant chivvying and nudging, Kerry the Stoneface will stonewall.


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