If you haven't read Bill Whittle of Eject! Eject! Eject!, you've really missed something. He doesn't post every day, but when he does, knowledgeable readers drop everything else they're doing to find out what the latest offering is. I can't describe his work, I can only show you a sample:
Do those protesters ever wonder why prisoners of war in World War II movies – soldiers -- trying to escape in civilian clothes would be shot as spies? A soldier out of uniform, a soldier trying to hide in the civilian population is gaining a one-time personal advantage, but that not the real sin. The real sin is that he is endangering the non-combatants. He is using civilians as cover. He is breaking down the barrier between the armed and the unarmed, the threat and the non-threat. He is trying to have it both ways.

His latest post, Sanctuary is, as usual, a keeper.


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