I just checked my blog, and, to my surprise, found that I hadn't posted in several days. That's not like me, but I've been under the weather, due to allergies. I can't use any antihistamine for the next 10 days, as I'm going to be getting tested for allergies again.


A quick re-cap of what I've been doing:
  • Working every day, darn it! The sub center loves me, & apparently thinks I can do anything from English classes to ED (Emotionally Disturbed) - my co-teacher also liked me; she says that all the special ed classes will be asking for me in the future (not sure how I feel about that!)
  • Sleeping extra every night - not sure why I'm so tired lately, but I've learned to cooperate with nature. If I'm sleepy, I go to bed.
  • Reading. I finished Witness, now I'm reading a book about Political Correctness - "Mistaken Identities". It's edited by an old classmate of mine from college. Dr. Neil McLaughlin was a Canadian soccer player, who became enthused about Marxist-Leninist philosophy during his undergrad years. He's since become a professor of same at McMaster's University in Canada.

    With that background, I really expected a book explaining how PC is simply not a reality, but a figment of the Extreme Right's imagination.


    It's really good, and gives a fair and balanced perspective of the situation, with, of course, a heavy emphasis on the Canadian experience. I strongly urge everyone to read it.

I plan to be back in the swing of things by this weekend. With any luck, there'll be some new outrage to comment (and maybe even foam at the mouth) on by then.


Anonymous said…
Thanks Linda, for the plug on the book on political correctness.
It is not true, of course, that i was into Marxist-Leninism as a student at Cleveland State University where we studied together, nor am i a professor of that topic in canada.
This kind of right wing nonsense is just as bad as left-wing nonsense.
But above and beyond this, we do agree on the need to talk about political correctness outside of closed political camps.

neil mclaughlin

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