On In The Bullpen, I found the link to this video, showing the survivor of a helicopter crash - a crash that was directly caused by the actions of Islamic Army in Iraq, who cold-bloodedly murdered the man (believed to be Belgian). Understand me, this was not the merciful shooting of a severely wounded victim, he was conscious, able to talk and walk, and was on his feet, testing out his mobility, when they abruptly opened fire.

This is the 2nd half of the video - the murder is at the end of the segment. I do hope that the same people who scream for the prosecution of the soldier who killed a wounded man that he believed threatened him, will also push equally hard for the murderers of this poor man.

Having one standard for the American soldier, and another for non-Caucasian terrorists that oppose us, is the essence of pukka sahib thinking. Those doing it clearly hold the opinion that the "brown brothers" of Kipling's writings don't have highly developed ethical awareness we do, but can only be held to a lower-level, and lesser, standard.


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