Sunday, April 24, 2005


OUr Word and Welcome to It posts about the new Peggy Noonan WSJ article, about the excitement generated by the announcement of the new pope, Benedict XVI.

Peggy Noonan shot to public attention when she served as a speechwriter for George Bush, and crafted the words "a thousand points of light". She later wrote the book "What I saw at the Revolution".

The defining feature of Peggy (I hope she doesn't mind the use of her first name) is that she is a devout Catholic. When she writes about the Church and its people, she speaks with the voice of someone who loves them. With this article, she zeros in one why the funeral, conclave, and election of the new pope dominated the media's attention (and the world's) for such an unprecedented time.

I've long been a fan of Mitchell and Judith Hadley's blog, Our Word and Welcome to It. I first read it when I stumbled across it on the list of Terri's Blogs. It's a must-read every day.

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