Thanks to An American Housewife, I found the Sigmund, Carl, and Alfred website. In one of their posts, they give some background info about the history of the Israel-Arab conflicts (some of this I knew, much was either new or presented in a different way than I had seen previously). For anyone born after 1960 or so, you need to read it. It's about that time that radicals began to distort the reporting of Israel's current events in a way that now makes it possible for college kids to call Israelis "Nazis" without thinking, and support those who do.

I've been thinking - why is the US still pushing giving back the territories?
  • Have the Arabs behaved in a way so as to make the Israelis think they might want to live in peace? No.
  • Has the "Palestiine" civilization taken steps to use the money given it to start building a viable society, one that could survive without outside help? No.
  • Has the school system they've had control over begun graduating waves of eager scholars, eager to build a state of Palestine? Or have they stuffed them with just enough Quran to make them want to blow up Israelis?
  • Have the VERY expensive security forces gotten control of the "militants" and established a safe Palestinian homeland? No.
  • Is there any reason to believe that giving them the territories will lead to anything more than a knife pointed at Israeli throats for a very long time after? Not to mention that with a legal, independent state, the UN will start to muscle into the act.

So why the hell should the Israelis let them do have the land?


Housewife said…
Thanks for posting. Yes, I was born in the mid 60's and was very glad to find out what "really" happened. I'm sure I have heard the truth before but probably didn't pay much attention to it. But now that I'm older and "wiser" I hope I have more sense now. LOL


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