I have a request. I've noticed that the top 50 or so blogs keep getting mentioned on lists of favorites again and again. I'd like to ask everyone to write down their 5 favorite undiscovered (relatively so) blogs. Several rules:
  • They can't have appeared on other favorite blogs lists
  • They need to rank lower than Large Mammals - below that point, they're still lesser-known
  • They have to post regularly - at least several times a week
  • Currently active

I just think a list like that would give some publicity to blogs that don't get much attention yet, but deserve a larger audience. If you want to post the above on your blog, great - the more this Undiscovered Favorites list circulates, the better.

Either add your list to the comments, or email me.


Red Guy in a Blue State
Eleven Day Empire
Yeah, Right, Whatever - This blog is already on my blogroll
Fred on Everything - He's irreverent, he's funny, and he's TOTALLY un-PC.
The Mommy Blog - it's not what you'd expect - just go there - I promise you'll like it

BTW, when your favorites are displayed here, why don't you send them a link to here so they can enjoy the moment.


My favorites that no one else seems to have noticed are:

FreedomSight: Jed Baer does a bang-up job on a host of matters related to freedom, most especially the right to keep and bear arms.

Lil Cup Of Love: Heather's just a dear. That's enough.

Live From The Guillotine: Lana is funny, warm, very family oriented, and one gorgeous Mom besides.

The Passing Parade: Akaky, the proprietor, is the Blogosphere's equivalent of Dave Barry. I wish he'd post more, but I'm grateful for him even so.

Yet Another Weird SF Fan: Joseph Hertzlinger is smart, funny, and widely read, and brings all of the above to bear.

There are others, but five will do for a start.
J. Philip said…
I am very honored to be mentioned in your list. Through a strange clitch between typepad and TTLB, I actually am listed on the ecosystem twice for the same blog. One has me as an adorable rodent, another as a large mammal (which cannot possibly be). I have contacted NZ Bear and Typepad but neither has helped me solve this to date. Regardless, I am gratified that my "daily therapy" is appreciated. I will of course be happy to return the favor and blogroll you as well. Thnaks again.
J. Philip said…
Lest I forget, my 5 recommendations would be:
(great name)

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