On American Digest, I found a great post by Gerard Van de Leun:
As a one-time card-carrying member of the Culture of Death, I've had no little experience with the bile and the acid that is used to burn out the soul and replace it with the dead-end secular totems of possessions, fashion, sexuality, and the self-uber-alles. I've used selfishness to "enhance" my own life and I've had "selfishness" used on me in turn to enhance the lives of others. Commitment and duty have no place in this philosophy -- everything is reduced to "lifestyle" choices in which, since people are only things, they can easily be replaced by other things, other people.

I remember when this acid burned strongly on all fronts and seemed, in the main, unstoppable because it seemed to have become 'the universal solvent' -- something that could dissolve all that it came in contact with. The flaw in that formula was, of course, the flaw that lurks in the ancient alchemical nature of the universal solvent -- it will eventually burn through everything, even its container.

What we've seen in the last few weeks of the last six months is the evidence that the container that holds antiquated liberalism is beginning to be eaten through at last. I've been struck again and again by just how small, mean and trivial the recent "victories" of liberalism seem to be.

I've said it before, the mentality that the liberals of the world have is to win at any cost. They are determined to take any action, no matter how repugnant, to win; they will push and push to secure what they consider the borders of their belief system. To that end, they have deliberately starved a crippled, brain-damaged woman, refused to support charges for the murder of children of pregnant women, no matter how close to delivery they are, and how "wanted" the child was, and encouraged town marriage clerks to defy the law to marry gay couples, eventually triggering state marriage amendments.

And, yet, every defeat only encourages them to re-double their efforts. You can't call them quitters.

Compromise is not an allowable tactic. They will ally with the most vicious and despicable people in our society (anti-Semites, terrorists, child molesters) to gain numbers. They are injecting themselves with cancers in the name of "growth". And that sick alliance with Death will eventually kill them.


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