I didn't go to bed earlier; my son came home, and I ended up getting interested in some links I had not previously followed. I found this link at The Bad Hair Blog.

I didn't realize that Ben Stein had a regular column in the American Spectator. He's one of the few self-identified conservatives in the entertainment industry that retain their popularity.

A short excerpt from his column:
This is a court system totally out of control, obviously committed to death, obviously bound by nothing beyond its morbid obsession with its own omnipotence and its fascination with the letting the innocent die. This is simply terrifying. The Falange followers of Francisco Franco had an evil cry: Long live death. Obviously, Justice Kennedy was listening.


Fausta said…
Thank you for the link, Linda!
Yesterday's Star Ledger Sunday version talked about Schiavo and Karen Ann Quinlan, who, BTW was not made to die of starvation, while at the same time they had an article titled "Where there's hope, there's life."
The irony must have been lost on the editors.

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