Friday, March 25, 2005


I have a hearing impairment. In my family, it's quite common to lose a significant part of our hearing by middle age. Much of what we do hear comes through as though the speaker is mumbling. It leads to some interesting conversations:
Did you say "spank me the goat?"

No, I said "hand me the coat".
I have a hearing evaluation scheduled for May. At that time, I fully expect to be told that hearing aids may be necessary. Whether or not that happens, I still must make adjustments for my loss of acuity. That's why I found I'm Listening as Hard as I can! to be such a treat. The author, like me, is a non-signing hearing-impaired adult. She talks about her life and the accomodations that she makes for her handicap.

You probably know people with hearing loss. This site can give some insight into the realities of their life.

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