I've been trying to find information about the Schiavo case online and on TV. Except for an occasional reference (usually including the words "brain-dead" "coma" or "vegative state"), I'm finding little. The local stations seem more interested in breathlessly "reporting" the latest about Jen & Brad, Angelina & anybody, and Paris and the CRISIS with her little phone/planner.

I feel like that song from 1776, where John Adams, in a funk, despairs that his constant yammering about independence will bear fruit:
Is anybody there?
Does anybody care?
Does anybody see what I see?

Like Adams, I am starting to wonder whether we will ever get this issue to the front of people's attention. Then, I do think about his lonely fight, and how the seeds he and others at that time are still bearing offspring.

I think it's time to rent the movie again, just to cheer myself up. Then, it'll be time to post again. And again. And again. Until America finally starts to see what I see. And does something about it.


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