I've decided to place an Amazon link on the right sidebar. I've done this for several reasons, including:
  • I like to read (Duh!)
  • I often recommend books/movies/software to other people, but I've never made any money for doing so
  • It was relatively easy to set up

I'm planning to use the link primarily for book selections that I would strongly recommend. The first one, The Purpose Driven Life, is one that has been highly influential in helping me to discern my life's purposes. One result of that process was the decision to join Blogs for Terri.

When I joined, I made a committment to post regularly about her family's fight to keep her alive. Our goal is to put a halt to the push to terminate her. We've got a window of opportunity - the judge has given a stay of three weeks.

It's not over, yet. At this point, the courts are not interested in the facts of the case (it's a procedural thing - after the case is decided, the facts are not an issue in the appeal). The only people to whom arguing the facts will affect their decisions are legislators and government executives (President, agency heads, etc.). So, our efforts to get out the fact should focus on them.

Additionally, we need to keep working to educate the general public. It's the tireless efforts of volunteers who kept shouting into the wind that finally led to my interest in the case. Even so, it was another 2 years before I made this issue a cornerstone of my daily work.

It's the constant dripping of water that wears down the stone. We need to keep dripping on the stony hearts of America.


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