The Social Security issue, and other concerns related to an aging population have begun to rise to the top of my concerns (this may be an indicator that I'm content that this administration will take care of security - that is, Homeland and Global Security).

I'm not the only one whose attention has shifted to aging issues. I found the link to this article on Instapundit. Some eye-opening information from "The Global Baby Bust:
...older citizens consume far more resources than children do. Even after considering the cost of education, a typical child in the United States consumes 28 percent less than the typical working-age adult, whereas elders consume 27 percent more, mostly in health-related expenses.

Lord knows we did our part to re-populate the planet - we have three grown children, and one of them has two, with the third on the way in late February or early March.

Such fertility came with a price - we were chided about the "irresponsibility" of recklessly breeding more than one. Hey, we couldn't help it - we were hot for each other, and we liked kids. Had I not been influenced by the women's movement, I might have had another 3-4 young'ns. Instead, I went back to school, and worked for the better part of their school years.

I'm currently unemployed, and subbing 2-4 times a week. It's the first time in years I've had to catch up on family, house, and self. If it weren't for my husband wanting to change jobs, I'd be content to continue life in the slow lane. It reminds me of the things I gave up when I got on the industrialized female treadmill.

It seems that the rest of the world is fast moving in that direction. The above article discusses many of the non-financial ramifications of under-population.


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