Reading this over, I've decided that it's not clear that I am truly filled with horror, not just being snide.

I take the murder of 6 million Jews, and a host of other people in WWII seriously. As a child, one of my classmates had a mother with the blue numbered tatoo on her arm. I asked my parents about it, and they explained what had happened during the war (as well as you could explain the incomprehensible).

I've been seeing increases in anti-Semitic actions and incidents over the last 3 1/2 years, since I've been using the Web as a primary information source. It's getting harder and harder to understand how anyone can dismiss it all as the work of isolated kooks.

But I'm not seeing reports in the MSM. The news is not just being buried, which might be a type of editorial decision that could be defended, but totally absent. Day after day, fluff fills the papers. The Arabic communities have a platform in the MSM, which they speak from almost daily. Seldom do I see a Jew quoted, unless he is condemning Israel, or urging greater efforts to understand the Palestinian plight.

If anyone has any suggestions, please put them in the comments section.

I'm so horrified.

I've been reading about the anti-Semitic incidents in Europe for some time. The strange thing is, when I talk to anyone about them, I get puzzled looks - they haven't heard about any of "that stuff". They further question, "where did you get that information? Are you sure?"

I've been referencing links for some time. I don't see the awareness increasing. For those who don't see "that stuff", read this link from Little Green Footballs. A small excerpt:
In a letter dated Jan. 13, about 20 members of the lower house of parliament, the State Duma, asked Prosecutor General Vladimir Ustinov to investigate their claims and to launch proceedings “on the prohibition in our country of all religious and ethnic Jewish organizations as extremist.”


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