I found this on the always incomparable Little Green Footballs. LGF was quoting David Warren, on the meaning of Arafat's life:
It is not as if the world lacks heroes. There is no need to elevate a skunk.

I'm adding to this link - Cold Fury is on a tear, with some VERY blunt rebuttals to the prevailing liberal wisdom. He expresses himself in sarcastic hyperbole, with some straightforward thoughts for liberal consideration.

On a more serious note, I confess that I was more than a little out of the loop of news while hospitalized. My first reaction the the Chilean security incident was to smilingly imagine the teasing the agent would take, having been rescued by Bush from the police.

But Power Line rightly points out the more serious aspects, which I have not seen addressed by the media yet. Come on, people - we have lived through some crazy times in post-election years. Despite the number of home-grown loonies that try to take out a president, we can't forget the number of foreign nuts who have attempted the job, more notably the Puerto Rican gang that nearly succeeded with President Truman.

Chile owes us a BIG apology. Pronto.


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