I watched the early part of the debate (regretably, I was watching from my room, and I fell asleep. It wasn't that I wasn't interested, or that it was boring, but it was a bad idea to be in a horizontal position so late at night). Now that I think of it, I wonder whether this will have an effect on the numbers watching on the West coast. In future years, the networks should plan to have the debates start earlier, so the school-age crowd can watch. I can think of no better introduction to the workings of our form of government than to watch how we support open debate between the candidates.

I caught up on the remainder of the debate through blogs (better living through blogging). I found this post on Right Wing Nuthouse, which, despite the name, is quite sane. A short excerpt:

The other night on Larry King, Bob Woodward said that after Bush made his decision to go to war in Iraq, he told aides that he didn't care if the war was popular or not...he didn't care whether going to war made him a one term President, he was going ahead with it.

Can there be any greater contrast with Senator Flip Flop's inconstancy, inconsistency, and outright pandering to voters worst fears on Iraq? It's almost enough to make a grown man cry.

Then I remember the 140,000 men and women who don't have the luxury of sitting at a computer in a nice, safe, house whining about how unfair it all is. They wake up every day in Iraq not knowing if they're going to be alive to go to sleep that night. Which is why, despite the growing odds against the reelection of President Bush, we've got to continue fighting. We've got to find it within ourselves to keep plugging away until victory is acheived.


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