Friday, February 06, 2004


I was cruising around the blog world today (cruiblogging?), when it suddenly occurred to me that while you have seen many of these and these, you have never seen this on TV before.

Think about it - why don't you see nursing mothers on TV? I mean, that's the purpose of the breast, isn't it? So, why are the non-functional uses of the breast the only sight children see? The only part of the breast on display that would not be acceptable is the nipple. And that's the part of the breast that's the most useful.

I used to teach in an inner-city high school. I would listen to the kids talking about graphic sex videos, violent movies and games, and such. I found out how to absolutely gross them out. Mention the word "breast-feeding", and they would turn green. That's right, some of them would start gagging at the thought.

Is this a perverse culture, or what?

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