I haven't commented recently on local activities (in Cleveland):

  • The Lottery Ticket That Went Bye-Bye

    I find it interesting that almost everybody thinks that Ms. Battles, the woman who reported a missing lottery ticket, was lying through her teeth. Would it be unfair to ask, if the winner had been white, would the reaction be the same?

    In related news, being rich doesn't make you smart.

  • The Horror is Gone - For at Least One More Year

    One of the most annoying aspects of modern civilization is the denigration of Christianity, and the mean-spirited refusal to acknowledge that public expressions of that belief are protected under the Constitution. I countered every wish of "Happy Holidays" with my own defiant "Merry Christmas".

    Now that DH has gone back to work (he is a teacher), the "Winter Break" is over. What a crock! Winter Break, indeed. It is planned for the time that it is for only one reason - the Christmas season. Not Channukah, not Kwanza, not Winter Solstice. A true Winter Break would fall at the end of the first semester, not three weeks before.

    Absinthe and Cookies has a wonderful post on the topic.


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