I've been woefully lazy for the last few days, and have used that sloth as an excuse to catch up on my blog-reading. What I have read has made clear something I wouldn't have believed as a teen.

We may be on the verge of another campaign to eliminate Jews - once again with the cooperation of Europeans, and with little notice taken by the average American. It seems extreme to say that, but in a culture that allows Blacks to disparage Jews without reproach, virtually ignores evidence of rampant anti-Semitism, and supports the campaign to divest in Israel-related business, I believe that I am correct.

I had a friend in school who was Jewish. I only knew it because my mother knew her mother, and mentioned one day about the blue tatoo on her arm. It shocked me. Mrs. Boros was a mom, just like mine, and I could not fathom the creatures who could justify such an act.

In my first 10 jobs, I worked for 8 Jewish employers. (The other two were Catholic). Only after I married, and traded the name "Ruble" for "Fox", did I realize that most prospective employers didn't hire me because they assumed I was Jewish. (Actually, I am a lifelong Catholic, as are all my ancestors on my mother's side. My father's family are fundamentalist Protestants).

Later, in college, I became acquainted with Europeans, and their casual bigotry stunned me. I began to believe that underneath all Europeans lay the firm conviction that there is only one thing wrong with their society - the Jews, the Jews, the Jews.

Not that my own family was a shining example of tolerance. Ethnic jokes were often told. My father, although having personal friends who were black, was not keen to live in neighborhoods that were integrated. His objection was that the value of his house would go down (a not totally unfounded notion, as some nearby neighborhoods had suffered that outcome).

Nonetheless, the level of anti-semitism is reaching the truly frightening proportions that occurred just before WWII. Few Christians seem to be aware of it. Fewer still consider it a priority.

I'm not sure what I'm going to do. But I think action must be taken.


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