Every year, I look forward to the end of summer. I can't wait, because Cleveland summers are humid and miserable towards the end. Every year, I forget what naturally follows just a few months later.

Incredible that I could forget the thrill of running late in the morning, and dashing outside to be confronted with my car completely covered! Even if it's not ice-encrusted, it still takes at least 5-10 minutes to clear.

How can I forget the awfulness of the season? Of stepping out my side door, only to have ice-cold water dripping down my neck. Of moving that white stuff off the driveway, and feeling that slight twinge in my lower back that signals the beginning of several weeks of hobbling around hunched over, living for the next pain pill. Of walking from car to mall, and feeling the slick movement of my foot on ice, prior to falling to the parking surface.


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