In a little over 10 minutes, I changed my gender from man to woman. It wasn't that difficult.

The State Teachers Retirement had me listed as a man, and sent me a letter telling me to return a copy of my birth certificate if I wanted to prove that I was really a woman. I called and had a little fun with the woman that answered.


"Hi, I've received a letter telling me that I'm a man, but as you probably can tell, I'm a woman."

Great sigh. "Give me your social..."

"Well, we do seem to have you as a man. You need to send a copy of your birth certificate."

"Well, I really don't know where it is. You know how it is, after a certain age, you really don't need it."

"Let me check". Several minutes went by. "Our records show that you were a woman when you applied."

"As I still am. You know, it's not exactly the sort of thing that would change without me noticing." She paused while she digested that wisdom.

"OK. Since you were a woman before in our records, I'll correct the record."

"Thank you."

The funny thing is, one of the most famous transexuals (Renee Richards, who created a furor when he (she?) played in women's tennis) now says that she (he?) has regrets.

Did I make a mistake? Would I have earned a higher salary? (Unlikely - I'm unemployed right now). Too late - I'm officially a woman.


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